Sherri, Simon and Milo

I once read a saying “love the unloved things”.  If ever there was a line that described me, this is it.

I’ve spent my whole life, ever since I can remember, loving the unloved things.  Never taking the cute, clean kitten, but always taking the old, slightly smelly, decrepit cat.  There is something deeply rewarding in loving the ones that everyone else passes over. And this is what led me into my dream career of being a veterinary nurse. 

The thing is, I love animals.  I want to be their voice and protect them from all bad things.  But I also love helping people to love their animals which is what inspired me to do this website.   

Born and raised just outside Cambridge in England, I spent a lot of my twenties travelling around the world before settling down in the sunniest place in the world, Perth, Western Australia.

I get to spend every day with my favourite golden oldies – Milo the cat who never had a home before us and Simon, our grumpy old dog who follows me everywhere and is my best friend in the world.   I should also add that I live with my other half, Dan and my little boy, Leo.